Dave Diver: The Greatest Recipes

2023 was definitely a powerful 12 months for indie gaming, with a number of releases already gaining worldwide traction and well-deserved consideration. Builders have added MintRocket to the spectacular checklist of indie video games with their launch Dave Diver, which mixes an underwater journey and a restaurant simulator. The sport’s title character is a diver by day who grabs the identical product used within the restaurant that helps him run at evening.

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Another element Dave Diver It’s surprisingly deep in each its culinary and aquatic contents. There are greater than 100 fish that may be caught and used within the sport, which equates to extra recipes that may be cooked to impress you. Combining domestically grown fish and greens with Chef Pancho’s culinary expertise, these are the final word in recipes Dave Diver It may be recreated often within the restaurant.

10 Boiled sailfish and seaweed

Sailfish is probably one of the ignored high-value creatures on the earth Dave Diver, however that is primarily as a consequence of the truth that they will solely be discovered beneath a shipwreck. Which means until followers actively seek for it, gamers will not discover it as they wander the assorted ocean ranges on their travels. Those that enterprise again to the shipwreck for sailfish are handsomely rewarded with a high-value dish.

The poached sailfish and seaweed dish is self-explanatory and makes use of fish because the hero of the dish with a touch of watery seasoning. To place this collectively, gamers will want sailfish meat, southern kelp, kageme, and soy sauce. On the most simple stage, clients can pay 425 for a board, so it is positively a worthwhile funding.

9 Dip fish tempura

Dipfish tempura recipe at Dave the Diver

One of many successful dishes that Bancho makes use of to assert supremacy in a cooking competitors, gamers get to see what goes into the creation of Deep Fish Tempura. Actually, gamers see all facets of making this dish, since Dave needed to decide up the elements for the meal.

This dish takes some effort to place collectively as a result of want for a deep-diving fish and a few icy zones, however the Cost of 395 makes up for that. The dish combines Cookiecutter Shark, Vampire Squid, and Barreleye with Kelp to create a deep-fried deal with.

8 Tropical fish sushi set

A recipe for tropical fish sushi is set in Dave The Diver

One of many nicer dishes Dave DiverTropical Sushi Fish assortment combines many shiny, vibrant colours and flavors that mirror the tropical marine life that impressed it. It’ll take some work to get the three totally different fish concerned, however fortuitously, they aren’t deep sea dwellers.

The Tropical Sushi Fish vary combines Titan Triggerfish, Harlequin Hind, and Coral Trout with rice to create an incredible, big portion of scrumptious sushi. Effectively well worth the effort of catching all of the fish required, clients are completely satisfied to pay £375 earlier than making any enhancements.

7 Spider crab and cucumber sushi

Recipe for Spider Crab and Cucumber Sushi at Dave the Diver

Advertising itself as one of many newest audio recipes in Dave DiverNice Spider Crab and Cucumber Sushi is a reasonably easy dish to get the elements for, offered gamers know how you can kill crabs. Combining Spider Crabs and Cucumber, it is a easy but worthwhile dish that players ought to attempt to placed on their menu as typically as attainable.

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In an effort to kill the crab, gamers might want to maintain their spears on the shoulder, resort to historical strategies, and drop a stone on the crab. Between that and the farm-growing alternative, this dish does not warrant the 324’s worth, however no complaints from Dave or Bancho.

6 Yellowfin tuna steak

Yellowfin tuna steak recipe at Dave the Diver

Going for an alarming 305 per dish within the first tier, the yellowfin tuna steaks are a chief instance of why tuna is likely one of the greatest fish that stays excessive in inventory Dave Diver. Combining yellowfin tuna, cherry tomatoes, and olive oil, this dish is comparatively straightforward to come back by and will not require diving greater than 100 metres.

The most important problem in placing this dish collectively is catching tuna, primarily as a result of they journey in colleges of 5 and are extremely agile. Nevertheless, for the affected person diver with loads of cupboard space, reaching a shoal of tuna generally is a very precious endeavour.

5 Roasting Marlin and Soybeans

Recipe for roasting marlin and soybeans at Dave the Diver

Marlin is likely one of the greatest fish to catch Dave Diver Attributable to its straightforward accessibility as a fish in shallow waters, in addition to the excessive worth of its meat. That is proven in a marlin and soybean roasting dish.

This dish has solely 3 elements, Marlin, Garlic, and Miso, and they’re all comparatively straightforward to come back by. To make it simpler, garlic is likely one of the first greens to be grown as soon as the farm is opened, and miso may be obtained both by sending a workers member to fetch it or by discovering it in an underwater loot chest.

4 Bluefin tuna rice bowl

Bluefin tuna rice bowl recipe at Dave the Diver

One other dish presents the vary in dave the diver, The Bluefin Tuna Rice Bowl combines parts of each the ocean and the farm. Utilizing elements that Dave is ready to develop and harvest himself, this dish is as handmade as they arrive.

The dish requires bluefin tuna, rice, eggs, and sesame seeds, the latter of which may be obtained by sending a workers member or discovering it in loot containers underwater. The one problem for this dish is getting the tuna, nonetheless, Dave will not need to go far to seek out one, and the 360 ​​graphic of the dish is properly value it.

3 Tomato and egg soup

Tomato Soup with Egg recipe at Dave the Diver

Whereas gamers might speculate whether or not paying £380 for a soup is admittedly value it, the completely satisfied faces of sultry clients will encourage them to maintain serving it up at Bancho’s. Tomato soup with eggs is likely one of the greatest recipes on the market Dave Diver The elements virtually develop on their very own and require little or no effort to supply.

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The dish requires first-rate eggs, cherry tomatoes, and black pepper. The primary two may be grown on the farm, which implies they solely must be harvested once they’re prepared, and black pepper may be picked up by a workers member. This dish is likely one of the least easy within the sport, however it is going to pay massive dividends.

2 Vegetable sushi

Veggie sushi recipe at Dave the Diver

Maybe one dish rated surprisingly excessive, this Vegetable Sushi recipe really requires no underwater loot from Dave to be served to clients at Bancho’s. Debuting when farming is made accessible to Dave, Vegetable Sushi combines domestically grown gadgets produced on a farm to create a dish that can dazzle marine life.

This dish is likely one of the greatest recipes in Dave Diver Due to its accessibility, particularly when you think about the hefty worth that clients fortunately pay. All three elements, rice, carrots and eggplant, may be grown on the farm in a heartbeat and clients will play near 500 when the dish is just at stage 2.

1 Waptia fieldensis seasoned

Seasoned Waptia fieldensis recipe over at Dave The Diver

Present in hydrothermal vents, Waptia fieldensis is the money cow of the oceans Dave Diver. Nevertheless, whereas it’s a very precious dish, Seasoned Waptia fieldensis is likely one of the most advanced dishes when put collectively.

The dish requires Waptia fieldensis, Cucumber, Black Coral, and Black Vinegar. Thankfully, cucumbers may be grown and gamers can ship their crew to get black vinegar. Nevertheless, Dave might want to head to the icy area for the reef. That is positively a worthwhile enterprise, as an unrefined dish would earn the restaurant an unimaginable 425 every.

Dave DiverOut there now on PC through Steam.

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