Recipe: Emancipation Kölsch-Type Ale | beer and brewing trade;

Unique subscriber From Emancipation Brewing in Fairbury, Illinois comes this recipe that native patrons have been having fun with in massive portions on occasional kolsch nights. All Entry subscribers can obtain the Beersmith and BeerXML model of this recipe. Enroll immediately. Lincoln Slagel, co-founder and president of Emancipation Brewing in Fairbury, Illinois, shares this do-it-yourself … Read more

Recipe: Firestone Walker’s One other Life Chilly IPA

Unique subscriber “This chilly, refreshing IPA takes inspiration from our pal and former Firestone Walker brewer Kevin Davey,” says Sam Tierney. “It may be brewed in two methods: one through the use of the rice adjuvant to lighten the physique, or the opposite through the use of very pale, under-fanned German barley for the same … Read more